Marseille beats Angers 3-0 to overtake Paris to lead the crowd.

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Olympique Marseille lead the table with a 3-0 win over Angers in French Ligue 1 on Friday. Angers hosts had a chance to win first in the 15th minute. Abdallah Zima gave the ball to Sophie Jan Bufal looking far in front of the penalty area. But not strong enough to pass the hand of Pao Lopez. 

35 minutes Angers had another chance when snatching the ball from a Marseille player on the left. Before Azedine Unai shot with a narrow left corner. But the ball poked the far post behind him.

But when I can’t do it, Marseille takes the lead 1-0 from the first serious chance to win. Shonatan Golos shows a step in the left side of the penalty area. Before swaying away from the dovetail and shooting. narrow left corner The ball rushed to wipe the first post in the best way. It was also Goal’s first goal of the season UFABET

Marseille almost had another two minutes later, when Matteo Guendouzi opened the ball into the box for Luis Suarez to head the line, but the ball was slightly off the post, then 45. minute

Marseille led 2-0 in the 50th minute when the Angers defensive line missed a shot by Shonatan Golos, who pulled into the penalty area before paying Luis Suarez to catch one stroke and shoot in. absolutely pole 

9 minutes later, Marseille got another goal from several strokes of the ball before opening. Shonatan Golos opened from the left into the penalty area for Jerson to catch and shoot with a focus on the left, not missing. 

Angers was unable to do anything during the rest of the game, while Marseille ended the game well, winning 3-0, adding to 23 points from nine games, overtaking Paris Saint-Germain. Successfully top the pack