Melchod points out that Chelsea must play tight at Crystal Palace.

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Ex-Chelsea defender Mario Melchod has pointed out that the former club will need to play tight. If they want to win the football game away to Crystal Palace on Saturday.

         Graeme Potter’s first game in charge of the Blues ended in a draw with Salzburg in the Champions League. Before the international break after the game against Liverpool was postponed go out UFABET

         On visiting Selhurst Park, Melshot said: “I feel that Potter is not the type of person who wants to set games away from home, I know Patrick Vieira very well, he wants to win. Chelsea have stepped back and they can play comfortably defensively the way Potter likes to play.”

         “Especially with visiting that stadium. It’s always a difficult game. when you are there It’s definitely not a arena you’ll like. They have huge supporters, Potter knows that if he takes control of the game and stops attacking, he can take advantage of that.

         “We all know they have Zaha in the team, he’s the focus and he’s the game maker, so as long as Chelsea can control the game for 90 minutes, I feel like it could be Potter’s first win. “

“And of course the team needs to increase the quality of their power in more depth. People sitting on the sidelines waiting for an opportunity It must be strong enough to replace the real ones without surpassing the pace. Another benefit is that they will push their best form to compete against each other for playing opportunities.”