Payout Examples Poker Texas Hold’em.

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The procedures and methods of playing Texas Hold’em Online Poker may vary from round to round. It depends on the decision of the players in each position. We have examples and descriptions of the action in the game. Including the end of the round according to how to play poker to share for you to know as follows:games by UFABET 

 Example 2

Players in each position according to poker rules
> Banker
> Small blind, pay 100 baht
> The Big Blind, pay 250 baht
> Under the Gun
> The Cut Off

Start betting round according to poker rules

> Under the Gun fight, put the same as Big Blind, 250 baht
> The Cut of Getup, pay 500 baht
> Dealer crouch
> Small blind fold
> The Big Blind Getup, need to add 500 (in the beginning, already placed 250. So the add must go down 250 + get over 250, the total is 500)
> Under the Gun crouch (the first deposit 250 baht has already been put into the jar)
> The Cut Off. Keep fighting. Must add more to the same amount as Big Bly. good So put 250 more.

Texas Hold’em Rules for the end of the betting round.

From this situation After Big Blind Gate Tub All players are consider to have action. But the stakes of each person are not the same. The game is not over yet. Then when Under the Gun surrenders. So only Big Blind and The Cut Off were left, both of which paid the same amount. From this point the game will be able to finish the betting round.